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Let's Swivl!

or you may hear it called Swivl Cloud

  1. Click Sign In.

2. Select "Sign in with Google".

Unboxing Swivl


(Video length 1:56)

Charge the base and the markers (microphones) the night before you plan to use the Swivl.


Floor Stand (Tripod)

(Video length 0:00)


Change the Shim

(Video length 1:03)

If the device will not fit into the slot, then change the shim to a bigger or smaller size.

Change device shim.MOV

Connecting a Device

(Video length 0:41)

Connecting Device.MOV

Using the Swivl

(Video length 3:07)

Press and hold the "on" button until you see the green light above the "on" button turn on. There will be a red light below the "on" button that will blink while it is paring the marker to the Swivl. Then a notification will appear on the screen the the red blinking light will turn green once it is paired. It is ready to go!

Using the Swivl.MOV

Swivl App

App Settings

  • "Auto-upload" will automatically load video to Swivl Cloud.

  • "Storage saver" will remove the video from the device after uploading and saving the video to Swivl Cloud.

  • Screencast is for pro users. Turn off so it doesn’t show on screen.

  • Multi-camera allows others to join using a code and it will show their camera next to your camera view in the final video.

  • Countdown timer is a preference, it will show a timer on the screen once it is set.

Change Color of Marker

(Video length 0:29)

Swivl Marker Color.mp4

Tips and Features

Lanyard Clip


Lanyard on Marker

(Video length 1:32)


Swivl with a Presentation

(Video length 0:59)

Swivl with Slides.mp4


Handy tutorial to cure some common issues if you aren't sure if...

  • your video is recording properly

  • your video has uploaded successfully to Swivl cloud

  • your markers are recording audio

  • and more!

click image above to view video