All stakeholders at Henderson Independent School District are strongly encouraged to utilize technology in their daily work and responsibilities, primarily as a tool to facilitate the highest quality teaching and learning. Our technology staff consists of eight individuals who are expected to maintain hardware and deliver customer support for students, teachers, administrators, and support staff. All students and staff will have access to current hardware, high-quality software applications, and web-based content that ensure an engaging and productive experience each day. Our academic and administrative teams are are expected to collaborate regularly with technology.

Our mission is to have teachers who are...

  • highly trained with using technology tools for teaching

  • confident with using technology as a teaching and learning tool

  • providing meaningful activities that involve integration of technology in all subject areas

  • innovative

  • collaborative

and students who are

  • given opportunities to use technology across the curricula

  • highly engaged in meaningful, real-world activities

  • tech literate and responsible

  • critical thinkers and problem solvers

  • collaborative

  • confident utilizing a wide variety of tools for learning and discovery

  • given opportunities to utilize 21st Century Skills in all disciplines