Cybersafety Course

Learning to use technology responsibly is important. Protecting your identity, your devices, and your privacy require you to be on constant alert. When you post things publicly, your words, your pictures, and your reputation are on display for all to see. It is never okay to bully, harass, or intimidate others through social media, text messages, or any other electronic medium. Knowing how to find credible sources of information and understanding the rules of sharing what others have created are important skills. This course contains information about all of these topics.

For course credit, review the content in each of the modules below and complete the assessment with a score of 70 or better.

The following images from the Noun Project are in use on this page:

  • Incognito Shield by b farias

  • Bug by Chameleon Design

  • Information by Arthur Shlain

  • Office Bully by Gan Khoon Lay

  • Audit by Delwar Hossain