Using Your iPad

One-Finger Gestures

1. Tap on an app to open the app. 

2. Tap and hold on an app to get more options.


3. Swipe from page to page. 

4. Scroll through a page.

Two-finger Gestures

Zoom in - When looking at photos, maps, and other graphics, put two fingers together and then move your fingers apart to zoom in.

Zoom out - Bring your fingers back together to zoom back out.

Four and Five-finger Gestures

Access multi-tasking bar - To access the various apps that you currently have open, either double tap the home button or place four or five fingers on the screen and move your hand upward. 

Swipe from app to app - Swipe right or left with a single finger among the apps you have open.


Close an open app - To close an app from the multitasking menu, simply select and swipe it up and away. 

Pinch to home screen - Bring four or five fingers together to the middle to shrink the open app and return to the home screen.