K-2 Proficiencies


K.1 ...have an awareness of the Internet as a source for information and communication

K.2 ...have an awareness of both input (e.g. mouse, keyboard, touch screen) and output devices (e.g. monitor, printers), their basic usage, and demonstrate the fundamental ability to utilize these components to perform basic tasks

K.3 ...use a variety of media and technology resources for directed as well as independent learning activities

K.4 ...communicate about technology using developmentally appropriate and accurate terminology


Grade 1

1.1 ...identify specific computer components and their functions

1.2 ...utilize input devices, such as the keyboard, mouse, and touch screen to manipulate objects and menus

1.3 ...identify specific parts of an operating system, including how to use a graphical user interface along with input devices to open, close (and/or) exit programs and to navigate menus

1.4 ...utilize both machine and web-based applications to create and edit basic documents and presentations

1.5 ...understand the reason for usernames and passwords and begin to become familiar with the process of securely logging in to a computer or account


Grade 2

2.1 …begin to demonstrate proper use of technology hardware including proper keyboarding techniques and proper use of tablet-style devices   

2.2 ...recall and utilize an assigned username and password to log in to a personal account and to understand the need to keep login credentials secure

2.3 ...utilize the Internet as a resource for acquiring information and performing basic searches for information using resources such as a web search engine

2.4 ...utilize machine and web-based applications for creating original products, such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets

2.5 …identify and demonstrate safe practices when utilizing technology