High School Proficiencies

Grades 9-12

HS.1 …utilize technology as a creative and collaborative tool as well as a vehicle to share ideas and learned concepts with peers as well as a larger audience

HS.2 …use a variety of technology tools of multiple types and on a variety of platforms to gather data and to analyze and evaluate this data in order to draw conclusions and form and test hypotheses

HS.3 …understand the consequences of inappropriate use of technology and practice legal and ethical use of technology at all times

HS.4 …utilize technology as a tool for research and employ strategies to identify and validate the reliability of information sources   

HS.5 …employ advanced troubleshooting skills to solve technical issues occurring with both hardware and software applications

HS.6 …participate in online learning communities and utilize learning management systems for completion of course work

HS.7 …utilize appropriate technology tools that are a part of careers and solve real-world problems in all areas of study