Parts of the iPad

1. The Home Button - The iPad home button is the small, circular button decorated with a small box and located at the bottom of the iPad. The home button has many uses, including waking up the iPad when you are ready to use it, exiting out of applications and navigating to the first page of icons. The home button can also be used in combination with the suspend button at the top of the iPad to take a screenshot of the display, and if you double click the home button, you will be greeted with a list of recently opened applications at the bottom of the screen. 

2. The Front Camera - The camera on the front of the iPad allows the user to take a picture of themselves or to participate in a videoconference. This camera is a lower quality than the back camera.

1. On-off / sleep-wake button - This button powers the iPad on and puts the iPad to sleep when touched once. When held down, it will allow you to power off the iPad. 

2. Microphone - This opening leads to the iPad’s built-in microphone. 

3. Head phone jack - This port allows you to plug in a 3.5mm audio cable, including standard headphones and/or external speakers 

4. Camera - This camera is of higher quality than the front-facing camera. It will take images at 5 Megapixels and full 1080p HD video. 

5. Lock screen orientation - This button locks the screen orientation in either landscape or portrait mode so that it does not change when the iPad is rotated.  

6. Volume buttons - Press the button up to turn the volume up and press the button down to lower the volume. 

7. Speaker - Sound comes out the iPad from this speaker 

8. Dock connector - This port is for plugging in the power/sync cable. You would plug in a lightning to VGA adapter here as well.

What information is shown in the status bar? 

1. Wi-Fi - This icon looks like waves radiating upward from a small dot. The Wi-Fi icon lets you know that you’re currently connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

2. Network Activity - This icon looks like a spinning circle of dashes. You will only see this icon when the iPad is involved in network activity. 

3. Time - The current time is displayed here. The time zone of the iPad is set by going to ​Settings > General > Date & Time. The time should be set to automatically adjust based on the location of the iPad. 

4. Location Services - This icon lets you know that location services are enabled on the device. Location services are used by different applications, namely those that would need to have geographic information, such as maps. As long as location services are enabled, the Find My iPad service will be able to assist in locating a lost iPad. 

5. Bluetooth - This icon shows that Bluetooth is enabled on the device. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows peripherals like keyboards, speakers, and other devices to communicate with the iPad. 

6. Battery Life - This indicator shows the percentage of the battery charge that remains. You can adjust the settings to show numerical percentage as well as a battery icon showing remaining charge.