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3-Part solution


Let's Swivl!

or  you may hear it called Swivl Cloud

2. Select "Sign in with Google". 

Unboxing Swivl


(Video length 1:56)

Charge the base and the markers (microphones) the night before you plan to use the Swivl. 


Floor Stand (Tripod)

(Video length 0:00)


Change the Shim

(Video length 1:03)

If the device will not fit into the slot, then change the shim to a bigger or smaller size.

Change device shim.MOV

Connecting a Device

(Video length 0:41)

Connecting Device.MOV

Using the Swivl

(Video length 3:07)

Press and hold the "on" button until you see the green light above the "on" button turn on. There will be a red light below the "on" button that will blink while it is paring the marker to the Swivl. Then a notification will appear on the screen the the red blinking light will turn green once it is paired. It is ready to go!

Using the Swivl.MOV

Swivl App

App Settings

Change Color of Marker

(Video length 0:29)

Swivl Marker Color.mp4

Tips and Features

Lanyard Clip 


Lanyard on Marker

(Video length 1:32)


Swivl with a Presentation

(Video length 0:59)

Swivl with Slides.mp4


Handy tutorial to cure some common issues if you aren't sure if...

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