Getting Started with Canvas

The easiest way to log into Canvas is to start by logging in to your school-issued Google account.


Use the credentials provided by the district to login to your Google account.
(see below for details


Select the Canvas icon in your Google Apps launcher.

Your username is your Gmail address, which is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, your student ID number and (Ex.

If you are a student in grades Pre-K through 5, your password is hisd and your student ID number
Ex. hisd12345).

If you are a student in grades 6-12, your password begins as password and you then reset it to your own choice of password. If you are not a new student, you have probably already set your own password. Some students still refer to this password as their "crazy letters."

You can get to your Canvas dashboard by clicking the Google Apps Launcher and then clicking the Canvas icon.

All Roar@Home students will start by completing a Canvas 101 for Students course to become familiar with using the Canvas learning management system.

All students should see this course in their Canvas Dashboard. If a student does not have this introductory course in his/her dashboard, contact support using one of the methods below to request access.

For younger students, we encourage parents to assist with this task.

Earn Your Badges

Each module contains an activity that requires you to complete a task. You can earn a badge when you view all pages in a module and successfully complete the TryIt! task for the module.

Send a Message with Canvas Inbox

If you have any questions for your teacher, the best way to send him/her a message is to use the Canvas Inbox. Watch this video to learn more.

Canvas Parent App

This video demonstrates how to setup the Canvas Parent App

Setting Up Canvas Notifications

This video demonstrates how to customize your email and parent app notifications.

Need Support?

If you have trouble logging in to Canvas or need technical assistance, our staff can help. Create a support ticket, send an email, or use the phone number below to contact technology support.