• allows you to have easy access to all of your bookmarks, tabs, history and other browser preferences among all computers that you use.

  • makes using Google services, like Gmail, YouTube, and Maps, easier since you only need to sign in once from your browser.

For a detailed self-paced tutorial on Chrome, try ...

GCF Chrome

Other Cool Chrome Features:

    • Pin tabs

    • Guest browsing

    • Detach a tab

    • Search any website with ctrl-F

    • Image viewer

    • Media player

    • Autofill forms

    • Google Chrome Task Manager (Shift + ESC)

    • Omnibox (address bar) - just type examples below to see what you get!

        • calculate directly in box (type in 8*75+31)

        • timer 2 minutes

        • weather 75137

        • Italian food 75137

        • convert 1 cup to tablespoons

        • graph equations such as x*sin(y)

Extensions vs. Apps

Extensions add functionality to the browser.

    • Extends the functionality

    • Add item to Amazon Wish List

    • Capture your screen image

        • Examples:

            • Pinterest Save Button (posts to Pinterest)

            • Share on Twitter

Apps run within the browser.

  • Link to a website

  • Does not require a download

  • Runs within Chrome

      • Examples:

          • Google Drive

          • Evernote