Basic Elements

Google Drawings is an app that is part of Google's suite of produces. It provides the ability to create graphics, diagram, or publications.

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Page Setup

Change the size of the canvas.

  1. Select the File menu.

  2. Select Page setup.

  3. Select Custom.

  4. Change to desired size.

Change Background Color

  1. Right click on the canvas.

  2. Select Background.

  3. Choose desired color.

Add Shapes or Text Boxes

  1. Select shape icon.

  2. Hover over shapes.

  3. Select desired shape.

Change Color of Shape

  1. Select shape.

  2. Select paint bucket.

  3. Select desired color.

Change line color and thickness by selecting the pencil icon next to the paint bucket.

Add an Image

  1. Select image icon (or go to Insert menu and select Image)

  2. Select desired type of insertion.

Change Transparency of a Shape

  1. Select shape.

  2. Select paint bucket.

  3. Select Custom.

  4. Toggle level of transparency.

Connect Shapes or Images

Ensure both sides are connected to the purple dots so they stay connected no matter where they are moved.

Pre-made diagrams

  1. Select the Insert menu.

  2. Select Diagram.

  3. Select desired diagram type on the right panel.

Export as a Graphic

  1. Click File.

  2. Select "Download As" to pick your format.

Format types: PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG

PNG files allow you to have a transparent background if the background is not colored. See image on the right, it has a gray/white checkered pattern. This tells you it is transparent.

Google Drawings Examples

Feel free to make a copy of any of these examples and use for your classroom.

  1. Click on the gray box with an arrow in the upper right corner of the list. (this launches the whole folder)

  2. Find and hover over the desired document.

  3. Right click.

  4. Select "Make a copy."

  5. Be sure to move the copy to your drive so you will have access. (let me know if you have any problems)