Google Meet has a new logo!

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with others over the Internet.

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Accessing Google Meet


  2. From any Google Program, use the apps launcher and find the new icon.

Meet Tutorial (Video Length 9:58)

Great Chrome Extensions to enhance Google Meet:

  1. Grid View - makes it possible to see more than 16 students on-screen at one time. Grid view is not recommended for students as it can interfere with their ability to see a large version of your presentation screen. Grid view also allows you to take a screen shot of everyone on the call and highlight the speaker.

πŸ”— Install Grid View ​

  1. Google Meet Attendance List - One click generates an attendance list to a spreadsheet.

πŸ”— Install Google Meet Attendance List ​

  1. Push to Talk - allows you to use your space bar to mute and unmute your mic. This is a great extension for young students who struggle to push the mute/unmute button.

πŸ”— Install Push to Talk​

  1. Dualless - splits your screen into two windows so that you can screen share AND monitor your class at the same time.

πŸ”— Install Dualless